Transformative Year: From Imposter Syndrome to Empowered Ghostwriter

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Who would have thought that a mere twelve months could completely reshape the lens through which I view life? As a disabled African-American woman, my journey has been one defined by embracing change and seizing unexpected opportunities. The pinnacle of earning my PhD should have been a time of unbridled elation, yet it ushered in an unexpected period of imposter syndrome, plunging my spirit into a deep, depressive funk. Repeated job rejections in my field added to the weight of uncertainty, but it was through this tumultuous time that I discovered the transformative power of creative pursuits. In this narrative, I’ll take you through the twists and turns of the past year, culminating in a newfound sense of purpose as a Ghostwriter for AAMBC under the esteemed media brand, Delphine Legacy Media.

The PhD High and Imposter Syndrome:

Picture this: the exhilaration of accomplishing a PhD, a monumental achievement that should have set the stage for a flourishing career. Instead, I found myself grappling with imposter syndrome, an unexpected adversary threatening to eclipse my accomplishments. The elation I felt walking across the stage was replaced by a daunting reality—I was facing a job market that seemed determined to test the limits of my resilience.

Navigating the Desert of Job Rejections:

For a solid twelve months, I diligently sent out job applications, each one met with the disheartening sting of rejection. The dream job I envisioned seemed elusive, slipping through my fingers at every turn. Faced with this relentless rejection, I made a conscious decision to pivot, redirecting my focus towards the creative space where my true passion resided—writing.

The Creative Pivot:

Armed with a fervent passion for writing and a commitment to harnessing my creativity, I set out on a new path. It was a leap of faith, a departure from the conventional route I had initially envisioned for myself. Little did I know that this leap would lead me to a life-changing opportunity—an internship with AAMBC as a Ghostwriter.

AAMBC: A Haven of Creativity and Support:

Joining AAMBC as a Ghostwriter proved to be the pivotal moment that would reshape my trajectory. The warmth and support of the creative family at AAMBC, operating under the umbrella of Delphine Legacy Media, became a guiding light in my journey. Here, I found not just a job, but a community that understood the value I brought, irrespective of my disability.

Skills Sharpened, Confidence Soared:

Immersed in the vibrant creative environment of AAMBC, my writing, editing, and storytelling skills underwent a metamorphosis. The camaraderie and mentorship provided a nurturing space for my talents to flourish, elevating my capabilities to a level of competency and expertise that I hadn’t imagined possible during my previous academic pursuits.

Tamika Newhouse: A Champion of Potential:

A heartfelt thanks is owed to Tamika Newhouse, the visionary leader who took a chance on me. Tamika’s belief in my abilities shattered preconceived notions surrounding disability, demonstrating that value knows no bounds. Her willingness to see beyond my blindness has not only granted me a unique opportunity but has reaffirmed my belief that God knows when to send a “ram in the bush.”

The Proverbial Ram and Overcoming Fear:

AAMBC manifested as my proverbial ram precisely when doubt and fear threatened to overshadow my accomplishments. It was a divine intervention, rescuing me from the grips of feeling like an overly-educated failure. Now, not only do I have a job that ignites my passion, but I am also equipped with enhanced capabilities, ready to face the world as a Ghostwriter with renewed vigor.

Looking Forward: Onward March!

As I embark on this Ghostwriter journey with AAMBC, I am filled with anticipation. The future unfolds as a blank page, waiting for the ink of my words to bring it to life. With newfound confidence, sharpened skills, and the unwavering support of the AAMBC community, I march onward, eager to explore the uncharted territories that lie ahead. The journey continues, and I am ready to embrace whatever challenges and triumphs await.


In the tapestry of my life, this past year has been a chapter of transformation—a journey from the depths of imposter syndrome to the exhilaration of creative fulfillment. Through the twists and turns, AAMBC emerged as not just a workplace but a sanctuary of creativity, support, and limitless possibilities. As I share this narrative, my hope is that it resonates with those facing similar challenges, inspiring them to navigate life’s uncertainties with resilience, creativity, and an unwavering belief in their own potential.