Whether you’re a bestselling brand or just getting started, a large publisher or representing just a few select works, Delphine Legacy Media is dedicated to sparking a conversation about your brand and building your audience. We bring all your publicity and brand-building initiatives under one roof—with expertise, passion, and innovation served up standard. It’s everything you need in one rockstar studio.

Some brands come to us with no experience in building their voice and brand presence, others come to us with a following and need help getting to know them better. Either way, we’ll put our award-winning, experienced team to work for you.


Media training
Professional training for media appearances.

Press kit development
Concepting, copywriting, and design of online and hardcopy press and media kits.

Author visibility & expert source campaigns
Expert positioning to key media outlets.

Speakers’ bureaus
Gain additional exposure as a publishing expert.

National, local & trade industry media relations
Coverage in print and broadcast media at all levels.

Online media relations
Relationship-building with and coverage by mega bloggers and media outlets.

Social media strategy & execution
Get people talking about and interacting with your brand.

Photo shoot coordination
Start to finish management of photo shoots for headshots, collateral, and more.

Social strategy
Make sense of the social media scene and effectively network with your fans.

Social execution
We’ll help you comment, tweet, post, and share as little or as much as makes sense.

Social analytics
Tweeting without analytics? You might as well be Lindsay Lohan. We don’t recommend it.

Social booster packages
Extensive experience in the online space means we’re always pushing the social envelope.

Brand, logo & story/identity development
Put your best foot forward with creative, eye-catching branding.

Strategic messaging & positioning
Let us help you tell your story.

Graphic design
In-house, award-winning design teams are at your every whim.

Awards programs & recognition
You rock, and we think everyone else should know it too!

Media tours/conferences
Make the rounds and deepen your credibility with face-to-face time.

Book launches
Celebrate all your hard work.

Events & promotions
Over-the-top or understated, we’ll help you make a splash.

Content strategy
Leverage our award-winning content experts.

Blog tracking & analysis
What should you say, and where should you say it? We’ll help.

Without it, you’re just floating in Internet oblivion.

Video production
Viral, virtual or virtuous, we’ll help you create a beautiful, branded experience.

Film production
Short form or full length, use our flexible, accessible movie capabilities as your own production house.

Copywriting & editing
We love to put words in your mouth.

Newsletters & marketing collateral
We’ll help you get your message across.

Blogger relations
Bloggers are big business, and we know how to leverage their reach to extend your influence.

Blog tours
Hand-selected influential bloggers will spread the word about your book in coordinated posts.

Website design
No website, no brand, capice? Award-winning designers are poised to paint the perfect backdrop to your brand.

Online advertising
Strategically target readers through channels where they’re most active.

Book publicity
We’re publishing PR pros and our publicity rolodex runs deep.

Book cover design
Shhh, don’t tell, but we totally judge a book by its cover.

Developmental editing
Have a story that’s clear as mud? We’ll help you clean it up.

Mind your periods and quotation marks, please!

Long/short lead publicity
Leverage our extensive media relations to find the best, most influential placements for your new book.

Online promotions
Targeted ad buys, social media campaigns, and more drive interest and sales of your book.

Realize the incredible benefits of a nimble, boutique publisher working on your behalf.

Media appearances
Local or national, let us connect you with the right outlet for your message.

Screenings and Press Tour
Travel with your film and get the press in front of it.

Festival Submissions
Develop the pitch and submit your film to hundreds of festivals and have your team with you.

Production and Creation
We will help get your movie made by staffing a production crew, casting, budgeting, location scouting, and post production needs.

Treatments and Pitch Decks

A film pitch deck is essentially a presentation material that introduces the film. It should comprehensively introduce the storyline, who’s involved so far, what makes it special, and ultimately win over the hearts of those in front of it.

It typically starts with a cover page and can include: a synopsis, a mood board (reference images), the director’s intent, cast members, filmmakers (writer, director, producer, DP, etc.), production info, contact info, and the distribution strategy if you have one.


Film Marketing
Develop the strategy and create the plan. Each film has a unique voice and we help you develop that voice and messaging.

Online promotions
Targeted ad buys, social media campaigns, and more drive interest and sales of your film.


Media appearances
Local or national, let us connect you with the right outlet for your message.