How to profit through Amazon

Amazon. To many people, that one word means many things. For those living in South America, it might mean the beautiful rainforest. For consumers, it’s a place to get everything. To the President, it’s his arch nemesis. But, for the authors, Amazon means one thing. Money. At DLM, many of our clients come in lamenting … Read more

I’m ready for my close up: a crash course in getting media attention

Ahh, the media. It’s something that every creative and entrepreneur desperately wants to get in front of. Ninety percent of our clients come in with no clue of how to gain media attention. So, this week’s blog is going to give all of you nervous Nellie’s out there a few tips on how to get … Read more

Question! Creatives, do you know the publishing business?

  Great day Dreamers! I wanted to share some insight with my fellow creatives who are either published or seeking to publish a project. Knowing basic legal jargon and the traditional ins and outs of publishing are key to your success. If you have a publisher remember that it is a partnership and a joint … Read more