My journey with AAMBC Inc

Crishanna Randle


As a young black professional, you’re always leery of the kind of management and environment you’ll have during your career journey. Working for a company that’s led and creatively ran by black women has been a blessing. Having women that care about their brand and their employees has been a huge inspiration to what I wish to achieve. Coming into this role as an editor and content writer over a year ago has really reshaped my vision of being a successful writer. I learned it takes a team to launch a successful brand or efficiently market a best seller, and most importantly I learned how to effectively take in criticism and use it as a way to challenge myself for the better. Working with these ladies who function as a team, serving each other and their clients wholeheartedly, has ignited my writing soul to go harder and eventually be able to create an opportunity for others as the CEO of AAMC has done for me. I loved being able to step outside my comfort zone and edit projects like urban erotica or even write pitches for Black Writers Weekend, one of the biggest literary events in the country. I will certainly miss the entertaining, but very much stimulating, work stations that always keep us motivated. I am very thankful for coming across AAMBC Inc. and plan to take on everything I have learned as I move into new territory with technical writing. Given the challenge to work with various clients of diverse backgrounds will no doubt give me the solidity to take on one of the biggest challenges of my life; moving across the country by myself. I believe taking that huge jump of faith into the unknown is what takes us further in life and makes us better versions of ourself, and I thank the ladies of AAMBC Inc. for pushing me this far.