Jamie Jai speaks on her Books, Bibs, and Barbells

Get to know Jamie:

1.Tell us a little bit about Jamie “Jai’ Morrison.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas to a single mom. I am the second eldest of 4 siblings. I started writing after diving into reading to escape being a parent less child and was inspired to sit down and tell my story at the age of 22. Prior to writing my story, I joined the U.S. Airforce to get myself out of a poor situation and I have been serving for the last 15 years.

2. Recently, you released a new project, Boots, Bibs, & Barbells, What was the inspiration behind writing this new book?

The inspiration for this book started during my didactic phase of PA school. During school I found time to compete in body building competitions and realized there was a huge gap bridging fitness and medicine. I also realized that many people had diseases because of lack of knowledge. Most of all, I realized some women gave up taking care of themselves physically due to having a career and family. I wanted to encourage others and let them know that they can balance it all. So I sat down and started to put everything I had learned and some of the most inspiring women I had met into a book.

3. What can readers expect when picking up this new book?

They can expect to learn about the top three diseases killing the nation, counting macros to maintain weight loss, meal ideas, workout ideas, meal prepping and most of all motivation with topped with inspiration.

4. How do you balance having a career, being a mom, and staying fit?

I believe in utilizing all of my 24 hours in a day wisely. There are times when you can cut off that tv for some self improvement or wake up a little early to get in a home workout or cardio. It’s just about planning, preparing and executing.

5. What encouragement would you give to other mothers that are trying to find a balance in their life?

I would tell ever mom out there to take it one day at a time and set priorities. As a mom you have to balance not only your priorities, but the priorities of your family. If you sit down and write them it gives you good visual and a agenda to follow. Then create a plan on how you are going to navigate your week. Decide what you need to give the most time to and stick to your plan. Most people either fail to start are fail by quitting. Consistency is key and you never know what you can do if you don’t start.

6. What’s can we expect from you in the future?

I am currently brain storming about my next novel. I really want to create a bridge between our wise women and youthful women. I want to encourage to women open their eyes to self-worth, real love and remaining faithful to themselves before they can be faithful to anyone else. So, we shall see.