My Journey with AAMBC

  In a year filled with extreme highs and lows, who knew that stumbling upon a job opportunity on Indeed would’ve changed my life for the better and when I needed it most? From working with ex-NBA basketball players to independent authors, being a project manager at AAMBC has been a great experience. Throughout my … Read more

My journey with AAMBC Inc

  As a young black professional, you’re always leery of the kind of management and environment you’ll have during your career journey. Working for a company that’s led and creatively ran by black women has been a blessing. Having women that care about their brand and their employees has been a huge inspiration to what … Read more

Book Marketing 101

    Writing the book was the easy part. Now, it’s time to get to the difficult part. Marketing. When it comes to the publishing process, marketing is one of the most crucial steps that authors leave until the last minute. In this class, you’ll learn valuable tips, tricks and strategies to help your book … Read more

Become #1 On Amazon

  The journey from idea to publishing is often long and tortuous but it doesn’t have to be. In this free masterclass, you will learn how to prioritize your task list, effectively outline, and market like a pro. Join this session as a bestselling author shows you how she wrote her several number one books … Read more

How to profit through Amazon

Amazon. To many people, that one word means many things. For those living in South America, it might mean the beautiful rainforest. For consumers, it’s a place to get everything. To the President, it’s his arch nemesis. But, for the authors, Amazon means one thing. Money. At DLM, many of our clients come in lamenting … Read more