Boundaries Really Are Beautiful

Recently I left Corporate America to pursue the life of a entrepreneur! After going back and forth with myself for years, I finally mustered up the courage to walk away from the security of a 9-5. If there really is such a thing as security. Shortly after leaving my corporate job, I noticed that my calendar was starting to fill up quickly and not with things that would benefit me on my new journey. As a result, I had to made a judgement call and put some boundaries in place for myself. I know sometimes when folk hear the “B” word they cringe but I promise you it’s good.


One of the things I quickly learned how to do was to minimize the time I spent on social media.  During the week, my social media activity is limited. Although social media is necessary in our day and age, I made a executive decision to limit my posting to once a day on one platform only. No extra scrolling or sharing.  (Side Note) If you ask me if I have seen what someone else posted or said, the answer will probably be no.

Another boundary that I put in place was no texting, talking or emailing before 8:00 a.m. My phone is on Do Not Disturb.  Why? Because this is my personal time that I have set aside for prayer, getting my mind mentally prepared for the day, and setting my atmosphere. If we are always on the go and always talking, we never have time to clearly think or to listen. Quiet time alone is a necessity that I highly encourage.


Last but not least, my favorite boundary to date, learning how to say no without any explanation. I remember at one point saying yes to everything. Sad but so true. I can honestly say  that during the last couple months I have been able to say no and not feel guilty about it. Normally, I would say yes when I wanted to say no, only to end up overwhelmed and irritated. This was a result of my own decision making and I knew I had to change it.

So now before I say yes to anything, I check my calendar, check the cost, and check with myself to see if it’s something that I really want to do.

Now I can truly say that I found my power in letting my yes be yes and my no be no.

In the end, I realized that the boundaries are necessary for balance which cultivate a sense of peace and that in itself is beautiful.

-Kamesha Portress